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Online Attunements

Usui Reiki Master - Online

You must have completed Reiki II to do this course.

Reiki Master Practitioner is more than an Attunement it is the first step in mastering the art of Reiki and a journey of self-mastery.  Becoming a Reiki Master is more about standing in your own personal power and letting your healing light shine. It is a commitment to your growth and healing at a Soul level, not just for you but those you treat. Receiving the Master Level Attunement will greatly deepen your experience of Reiki as well as create a stronger connection to the flow of life in general. Through our daily practice we will see more doors opening for us, life becomes easier or at least the obstacles are easily recognised as learning tools. We see the bigger picture.   This level increases the ability to channel Reiki energy even further.  Students work on a more spiritual/ soul level and learn that each person is in charge of his own destiny.  

Online Attunements


Usui Reiki Master Online

In your Reiki Master Online course you will:-

  • Learn four more Symbols, how to use them and incorporate them into your Reiki practice.
  • Learn some of the Original teachings of Dr Usui.
  • How to develop and increase your Intuition. 
  • How to heal relationships.
  • How to incorporate Crystal Healing into your exciting Reiki practice.
  • Learn how to clear Discarnate Entities and Spirit Attachment Release.
  • How to raise your Kundalini energy
  • How to develop your Reiki Practice 

Prerequisite: Reiki I and II