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Serenity Salts - Jasmine, Bergamot & Frankincense

Glow Bath Products
Whilst bathing, magnesium sulphate is absorbed through the surface of the skin where it gently helps to support the removal of toxins from the body. Its soothing action helps with troublesome muscle aches and pains. 
Epsom salts also act as a natural emollient to soften & exfoliate the skin. Unlike other salts, it does not leave the skin feeling dry. On the contrary, Epsom Salts leave the skin with a soft and silky texture. This pure mineral has been able to stand the test of time because so many people seem to get results. Generations of people have relied on the natural values of Epsom Salts.
We have tailor made our Epsom Salts to ensure maximum relaxation and results.
Serenity Salts - Jasmine, Bergamot & Frankincense