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Usui Reiki II - Online

You must have completed Reiki I

Reiki Level 2 invites you to connect further to the healing power within you and deepen your experience of the system of Reiki as you continue to glow from within.

Are you ready to build on the foundations you created in Reiki Level I? Reiki Level II. is an opportunity to begin to open yourself to trusting yourself and the reiki energy whether that is in self treatments, treating others and in your day to day life.

Reiki Level II you. Begin explore on a deeper level what healing means to you,,, focusing as always on self – healing, increasing your awareness of the power of Reiki, introduction of symbols and practising Reiki professionally/personally with an emphasis on practical learning. 

On completion of this Reiki course you will be able to practice Reiki professionally (and ethically), but many students choose Reiki 2 simply to enhance their own inner power and healing ability.

In your Reiki II online course you are attuned to 3 new Reiki Symbols, including the Long-distance Healing and Manifestation Symbols. You will learn:-

  • How to perform a Reiki treatment using the symbols. Enhancing your Reiki Practice 
  • How to perform Reiki at a distance so you can do distant healing on individuals, children and animals.
  • How to use it for your own self healing to, how to empower and heal future events
  • How to heal past life events breaking ties between you and past events
  • Learn how to practice  Byosen scanning, additional. Grounding techniques
  • How to cleanse inanimate objects and how to strengthen your Reiki Practice. 

Pre-requisite - Reiki   I